ARTWORK INFORMATION Title/Year Trampolino/2001 Artist (s) or Architect(s) or Designer (s) Laura Santini Object Type/Medium Sculpture/Stainless steel; Corten steel Subject Contribution of the Italian community to the development of Montréal Venue Centre Léonard de Vinci Acquisition Method/Commissioner or Donor Private commission & Transfer/Centre Léonard de Vinci to the Ville de [...]


ARTWORK INFORMATION Title/Year Monument à Christophe Colomb/1976 Artist (s) or Architect(s) or Designer (s) Armand de Palma Object Type/Medium Bust; base/Bronze; granite Subject Italian explorer and navigator Christopher Columbus (1451-1506) Venue Parc de Turin Acquisition Method/Commissioner or Donor Purchase/Centre Amerigo Vespucci, the Knights of Columbus, and the Ville de [...]


Exhibition Foreign Pasts, Section I ARTWORK INFORMATION Title/Year Monument à Giovanni Caboto/1935 Artist (s) or Architect(s) or Designer (s) Guido Casini Object Type/Medium Bust;  pedestal/Bronze; travertine Subject Giovanni Caboto (c. 1450-1498), Venetian explorer and navigator  Venue Cabot Square Acquisition Method/Commissioner or Donor Gift/Montreal Italian community & Italian Montreal-based [...]


ARTWORK INFORMATION Title/Year La mort de Dante/1921 Artist (s) or Architect(s) or Designer (s) Carlo Balboni Object Type/Medium Bust; pedestal/Bronze; granite Subject Durante degli Alighieri, Dante (1265-1321), Italian poet  Venue Parc Dante Acquisition Method/Commissioner or Donor Gift/Italian Colony of Montréal & L'Italia journal to the Ville de Montréal Ethno-cultural [...]