ARTWORK INFORMATION Title/Year Monument to the Greek Genocide of 1914-1923/2000 Artist (s) or Architect(s) or Designer (s) Global Monuments Inc. (generic) Object Type/Medium Column; base/Marble; granite Subject Victims of the Pontian Greek Genocide (1914-1923) Venue True Davidson Park Acquisition Method/Commissioner or Donor Gift/Pontian Brotherhood of Toronto to the City [...]


Exhibition Foreign Pasts, Section I ARTWORK INFORMATION Title/Year Alexander the Great/1990 Artist (s) or Architect(s) or Designer (s) Dion Zachariou Object Type/Medium Bust/Bronze Subject Alexander the Great (356-323 BC), king of the Ancient Greek kingdom of Macedon Venue Alexander the Great Parkette Acquisition Method/Commissioner or Donor Gift/Pan-Macedonian Association [...]