Exhibition Foreign Pasts, Section III ARTWORK INFORMATION Title/Year Holodomor Memorial [Bitter Memories of Childhood]/2018 Artist (s) or Architect(s) or Designer (s) Petro Drozdowsky Object Type/Medium Sculpture/Bronze Subject Holodomor, genocide by famine carried out in Ukraine by the Soviet government from 1932 to 1933 Venue Exhibition Place Acquisition Method/Commissioner or Donor [...]


ARTWORK INFORMATION Title/Year St. Vladimir the Great/1989 Artist (s) or Architect(s) or Designer (s) Leo Mol Object Type/Medium Statue/Bronze Subject Vladimir the Great/St Volodymyr (c. 958-1015), grand prince of Kiev Venue St. Vladimir Institute Acquisition Method/Commissioner or Donor Private commission/Ukrainian Canadian Art Foundation Ethno-cultural Community Ukrainian community Additional Electronic [...]


ARTWORK INFORMATION Title/Year Lesya Ukrainka Monument/1975 Artist (s) or Architect(s) or Designer (s) Mykhailo Chereshniovsky Object Type/Medium Statue/Bronze Subject Lesya Ukrainka (1871-1913), Ukrainian poetess and dramatist Venue High Park Acquisition Method/Commissioner or Donor Gift/Women's Council of the Ukrainian Canadian Committee to the City of Toronto Ethno-cultural Community Ukrainian community [...]