ARTWORK INFORMATION Title/Year Chinatown Memorial Monument/2003 Artist (s) or Architect(s) or Designer (s) Shu Ren (Arthur) Cheng  Object Type/Medium Statue; sculpture/Bronze; concrete Subject Chineses who built the Canadian Pacific Railway (1881-1885) and fought in WWII (1939-45) Venue Chinatown Memorial Square Acquisition Method/Commissioner or Donor Public-private commission/The Chinatown Memorial Square [...]


ARTWORK INFORMATION Title/Year Dr. Sun Yat-Sen/1993 Artist (s) or Architect(s) or Designer (s) Tsang Juk Wan Object Type/Medium Bust/Bronze Subject Sun Yat-Sen (1866-1925), physician, politician and founding father of the Republic of China Venue Dr. Sun Yet-Sen Park Acquisition Method/Commissioner or Donor Private commission/China Overseas Exchange Association & The Chinese [...]


Exhibition Foreign Pasts, Section II ARTWORK INFORMATION Title/Year Goddess of Democracy/1991 Artist (s) or Architect(s) or Designer (s) Joseph Caveno and Hung Chung Object Type/Medium Statue/Resin; marble dust composite Subject Tiananmen square uprising (1989) Venue Student Union Building Plaza, University of British Columbia campus Acquisition Method/Commissioner or Donor [...]